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Latest stats
The amount of food parcels given out between Oct – Dec has seen a 61% increase on last year
Latest stats
The Trussell Trust network are forecast to give out six emergency food parcels every minute this winter
Latest stats
Over 50% of people using food banks in our network at the start of the pandemic had never needed one before.

More than Homes: A new campaign to raise £1 million for the Trussell Trust from across the UK’s housing sector.

Backed by the National Housing Federation,
Chartered Institute of Housing and the Northern Housing Consortium, More than Homes is an initiative established to build on the collective power of the housing sector, to respond to the economic crisis resulting from COVID-19. Poverty and hunger being experienced by people living in the communities in which we work is sadly nothing new, but the increase in demand on food banks as a result of those enduring poverty has reached unprecedented levels.

As housing associations, and those supporting the sector, we know only too well that of the six million people who call our collective properties home, our residents are right on the front line of this crisis. It’s a basic human right to have food on the table and a roof over head, but for the many people now balancing on a financial knife edge, the most basic necessity of being able to eat is being pushed further out of reach.

More than Homes is a campaign which hopes to raise £1 million for the Trussell Trust, raise awareness of the social imbalances at play in society, and profile the work the housing sector is already doing across the country to meet the growing needs of our residents as a result of COVID-19.

Now, more than ever before, we need to work together to not only support people in immediate crisis now,
but to think strategically and as a collective to the longer term.

Where does the money go?

We are supporting the Trussell Trust.

75% of money raised

75% of funding received will be distributed in grants directly to local food banks to get through the initial crisis and to also support in the mid to long term which will enable them to adjust to increased demand and to reconfigure services as necessary.

25% of money raised

25% of donations received will support core operational programmes such as securing food, recruiting, training and deploying 15,000+ new volunteers, creating and maintaining a new national helpline and establishing a new nationwide delivery infrastructure capable of distributing hundreds of thousands of emergency parcels direct to people’s doors.

How to donate

You can choose to donate to support the national effort, or a specific region(s). There are 11 different regions to choose from, these are shown on the map opposite.

Each regional fund will be used to support all the food banks in that particular geographical area.

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Making a donation

Making a donation to the More than Homes campaign is easy. To make a donation either as an individual or as an organisation, please click the button below.

Make a donation

You can donate via the online form, or by BACS. (Please note, if donating via BACS, you must reference ‘More than Homes’).

There is no suggested donation. We hope that all our collective donations, large or small, will have the ability to make a phenomenal difference to those who need it most.

More about us

More than Homes

More than Homes was created to form a sector-wide collective to respond to the increasing number of people facing food poverty as a result of COVID-19, and to end hunger in the communities we work.

More Than Homes partner
Donna's story “I’m glad you were there when I needed help”

When mother-of-three, Donna suffered from two-mini strokes turning her life upside down, she was glad the food bank was there to offer support.

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Richard's story “Without the food bank, I don’t think I would be here today.”

Richard is grateful that the food bank was available to help following a deterioration in his health.

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National Housing Federation

“This is a great idea, bringing together charitable organisations at the heart of local communities to support those most in need. Food banks provide an invaluable service to people who are unable to cover the cost of living and it is more important than ever that they are able to keep running at this time. Throughout this crisis housing associations have been finding new ways to support vulnerable groups and people struggling financially.”

Kate Henderson, Chief Executive

More Than Homes partner
Chartered Institute of Housing

“This is a fantastic initiative. Food banks already provide a critical service to households across the country, and the need for this vital support has increased significantly as a result of the current outbreak. As social landlords housing associations play a central role in supporting communities they work with. This initiative will build on that social purpose and local presence to help food banks rise to the huge challenge created by coronavirus. I look forward to more housing associations joining those who have already committed to this initiative and helping the Trussell Trust to support as many people as possible through this unprecedented crisis.”

Gavin Smart, Chief Executive

More Than Homes partner
Northern Housing Consortium

“The devastating impact of COVID 19 will have a long-term impact on people’s livelihoods and has further increased the pressure on our local food banks. Housing Associations are anchor institutions, rooted within their communities, with a strong social purpose. They are already playing a vital role in supporting the most vulnerable across the North. By coming together as a sector, we can ensure this excellent scheme continues to provide valuable support to the people who need it most.”

Tracey Harrison, Chief Executive

More Than Homes partner
The Trussell Trust

Founded in 1997, the Trussell Trust, together with over 28,000 volunteers, supports the UK’s largest network of food banks with 1,200 centres from the far south of Cornwall to the heights of Shetland.

The Trust believes that it takes more than food to end hunger. The Trussell Trust therefore does three things: supports its network to provide emergency food to people referred; helps food banks to provide on-site additional help or signpost people to relevant local charities to resolve the cause of referral; and brings together the experiences of hundreds of communities on the front line to challenge the structural issues that lock people in poverty, and campaign for long-term change so we can see a future without the need for food banks.

More Than Homes partner

Our Partners

Housing associations across the UK have already donated to More than Homes. Learn more about who has joined the campaign, and hear about the work already underway to support our communities and those most in need following the effects of COVID-19.

Campaign collateral

Download everything you need to get involved with the #MoreThanHomes campaign. Inside this .zip file you will find all the logos, key messaging, press releases and social media collateral you will need to help us spread the word for this great campaign!


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